Music from young composers

If you have made something that are particularly happy with, mail it to us (, so we can present it on this page. If you want, we can also put in your E-mail address, so you can get in touch with others that are interested in the same things.

Here are a few recent examples:

Piano Variasjon 1
From Rasmus Jørgensen in Denmark we have received the piece
Piano Variation 1

Steilene Lighthouse
Each summer, at Steilene Lighthouse near Oslo, NOTAM produces workshops for elementary school students in work with images and sound. Some of the students work with images, some are working with sound. The students record their own sounds, edit and compose with them in the computer, and at the end of the day, their compositions are burned on CD that they can bring home.

Below, there are links to four small pieces that were made in 2003 by students in elementary schools.

Sounds from the Island
Shoreline mix
Splash mix

Langhaugen Junior College
Music students from Langhaugen Junior College composed and performed their own concert. A small group of them worked with DSP. Here you can hear an excerpt from the concert where it is easy to identify the computer part:
The Langhaug Sound Snag.

Storsteinnes School
At the Storsteinnes school in northern Norway, this excerpt was included in a spring concert in 2002. The voice manipulations were well received and contributed to the good cheer at the concert. Spectral sieve and rhythmic repetition are predominant elements, and the computer part enters into a dialogue with samplers, percussion, cello and other stuff.
Click here.

Heggen Junior College
The music students made a concert performance about Haugtussa, known from Norwegian literature. Parts of the music was made in workshops with DSP, and consists of both acoustic and electric instrumetns as well as DSP-processed sounds.

The Heggen Mix recycles sounds from the band, stretches and reverses them, making all kinds of effects.

This jingle was composed live during an NRK radio interview for the program "Kulturbo". The first sound is from an egg-cutter, and the voices are from the program director and two students Ida and Halvor who were in the studio.

Etude de Click
This study is made from only one recording - of a single click made with the mouth. You can get a lot out of one sound.
Etyde de Click