Frequently asked questions


Does DSP work on all platforms?
DSP02 works on MacOSX, Windows and Linux!.

All I get is a gray square when I go to start the program
Before you start the program, you need to download ind install Java and Jsyn, as is described here.

What do the yellow lines with flags on them mean?
If you are in the mixer window, and right-click and drag across the mixer, you can select a section of your piece. When you hit play after you have done that, only the selection will play. This can be practical if you are working on a detail way into the ouece some place. To remove the marked area, just click with the right mouse button.

How do I remove breakpoints in the program windows?
In Windows and Linux you right-click, and under Mac OSX, you shift-click.

What happens when I want to save a composition?
When you ask the computer to save a composition as a computer file that you can reopen and continue working on later, you will get a dialog that will let you choose where you want to put it.

Where are the finished compositions that I have saved?
First you need to give the piece a name, and when you go to the manu to save it, you will get a dialog that lets you choose where you want to put your finished .wav-file.

Where are my individual sound files located?
When you ask to save the soundfile you have created, you will get a dialog where you can choose where to put them.

I'd like to get a printout of one of the DSP texts. How do I do that?
Just as usual, you can print directly from the browser.

What does DSP mean?
DSP stands for Digital Signal Prosessing, in this context Digital Sound Processing.

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