Ideas for Composition

The farm as music?
1) In the sound archive you can find sounds from many domestic animals. Use them to make a barn the way you imagine it might sound like when all the animals are hungry at the same time.
2) Afterwords - move the sounds around to make a "conversation" between the animals - as if that happens very often ;-) - animals tend to "speak" with animals of the same species as themselves.
3) Can you manage to make a choir with bass, tenor and soprano voices from the sampled animals? You might have to transpose (move up or down) some sounds, and stretch some so they will get longer.
4) Can you make s sort of "counterpoint", where the different sounds and tracks move towards and away from each other according to a recognizable pattern?

From one thing to the next
1) Make og download some sounds from the archive, and make a small piece where all the sounds first move from the left to the right, and så from right to left - not unlike standing by the side of the road, perhaps.
2) Change the sounds so that some move fast, and some move slowly. Try to change the speed for some of the sounds.
3) Change the piece so that the sounds move fast at first, and gradually slower until the whole thing stops at different places in a few seconds (not many) before they all disappear slowly off to one of the sides.
4) Let all the sounds entre from the same side and move across the stereo field, as many verses in a song. Input new sounds to start each verse.
5) All the sounds that start each verse - which story do they tell? Can the story be developed further?

A sound history
1) Find some sounds in the archive that you can use to make a story about something you have experienced, or from where you live.
2) Use the sounds that are most common, and add sounds that are less frequent or seldom heard.
3) Are there sounds that you could have done without? Do some sounds disturb other sounds in a conflicting way?
4) How would it be if all the loudest sounds disappeared? Try to keep only the weak sounds absd see which story they tell! How can you make that more interesting? More fun? Do you have enough space in between the sounds?

A history with sounds from the Internet
1) At for example Freesound there are lots of different sounds ands sound effects. An interesting thing to do could be to download some of these sounds and combine with the sounds on the DSP pages.
2) Imagine a story about something that might have happened and recreate it with sounds. It does not have to be very long, as long as you have a meaning with what you are making.
3) Make a new ending to the story and make it over.
4) Which story did you like the best, and which sound really changed the story? can you manage to give the story a new twist by moving the sounds around?
4) Test your story-telling abilities by playing the story for others and see if they understand what you were thinking about. If their understanding does not match your story, make their story, too!