Dear Friends,
We, the group of the homeless comrades in Nagai Park, Osaka, Japan, declare the protest against the outrageous act that the Osaka City has proceeded as the administrative enforcement to evict the homeless people (3 tents) from Nagai Park since 23. January 2001. Although the City tries to justify it with the establishment of the shelter for the homeless people constructed recently in Nagai Park, we consider this act of the City as the serious charge against the whole movement of the homeless people in Japan in the following points:

1) With a set of acts aiming at the forced eviction, Osaka City is on their side about to violate their promise with us, on 5. October 2000, not to
undertake any forced eviction.

Please refer the following Home Page in detail:

2) If the shelter project for the homeless people must permit the clearance of the 480 tents in Nagai Park finally, this will be the worst example
which would create an upsurge of more evictions in other cities of Japan that the government can justify with the establishment of shelters.

3) The shelter was originally planned not under the intention to meet urgent needs of the homeless people involved. It was rather constructed as the isolation asylum of the poor motivated by the invitation of the coming Olympic held in 2008. (Nagai Park has the stadium for the Olympic). And the eviction this time is itself a quite political scheme just before the inspection by IOC members expected soon in February. We as survivals never give over the human dignity for roof and food. With a view to continue our struggle, we need your help from all over the world.

We would appreciate, if you kindly support us in the form of letters to be sent to:

Mr. Takafumi Isomura
Mayor of Osaka City

+81-6-6202-6961 (in charge of homeless issue)
+81-6-6344-5119 (in charge of public park)
+81-6-6202-6971 (in charge of Olympic Bid)

*If possible, please send the same letter to the 3 above Fax numbers.

We will attach a sample letter that may be useful to you in the below.

Sincerely yours,
Community of the homeless in Nagai park
and their supporter's group.

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