[First draft. Feb 02]

The woman writes something onto the screen. Different pictures of poor and unclear quality appears in confused order on the screen. We notice the outline of a room, a person is sitting in a chair in the back of the picture. There is a movement towards the camera. We distinguish the features of a woman, now that she is mooving closer. the image flickers, then it focuses. An older woman is looking out of the image as if a window. Nothing is said, for a while.

Young woman: Where have you been. I have been looking for you

Old woman: I don’t know what you are talking about, I have been here all the time.

Young Woman: Its been hazy the last couple of days….. maybe I was just not looking hard enough..

Old woman: what do you want?

Young woman: - Last night someone asked me what I wished should be written on my tombstone……… I got very opset.

Old woman: - What did you anwser?

Young woman: - I didn’t anwser…

Old woman: - ?

Young woman: - Deeply loved - I hope someone will write that: Deeply loved….but I couldn’t say it….

Old woman: - Yes…..

Young woman: - I need some information

Old woman: - If you could not use what I told you last time, what makes you think that it will work out better this time?

Young woman: - This time the evidence is much stronger. Im sure its him!

Old woman: - Yes ?

Young woman: - I know he is out there somewhere, Last night I came across a new exit…….When I entered, I knew right away that I had been there manny times before …… But you know the image quality is so low……at times , It`s difficult to see where you are……

Old woman: - You look tired, you work too much!

Young woman: - I need to finish this editing before tomorrow, I have very little time left!

Old woman: - I cant tell you more than what you allready know. Try to find my sister she might be able to help you.

Young woman: - I need help!

Old woman: - I have something for you, it can be usefull …..
( an image of an object rolls over the screen and the old woman dissolves. The object link itself up to the searc engine, a clock is heared, and on the screen an image from the studio and the orchestra is transmitted.

Tecnician: -( coming in from the studio) We are ready for one more take, this time we have to get it right, the musicians are getting impossible, they need a brake……

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