[Sven Erga, programmer, 10.10.02]

Currently there are three participants working on the musical part of mobile homes. Cellist, singer and computer programmer. The work is now aimed towards the second mapping, at Oslo kunsthall, Nov.2+3.

The main musical influence is the 5 Kindertotenlieder by Gustav Mahler. Our goal is partly to parafrase selections from this work, but more important to generate new musical landscapes as a result of transforming the same work through the "mobile home filter", so to say. We are producing 5 pieces of music, each directly pointing to each of Mahler´s pieces, and with a duration of approx. 5-7 minutes each.

Paricular selections from each piece are being made. These selections are being treated in different ways. A ten second selection could in fact become a new structure with a duration of several minutes. It is important to understand that we are not merely reproducing, but instead making new music which hopefully will contain some of the significant musical and emotional qualities of the original material.

Mahlers work contains the parameters needed for the compositional process. These parameters are used on every level in the new musical work.

To obtain parameters a number of analyses are performed on both musical score, and from data gathering from various computer analyses of the pieces. The whole piano score is also recorded as sound and MIDI into the computer.

To utilize the parameters a number of computer programs are built, so we are able to put the params directly into different processes and algorithms.

One process could for example be be shifting and synthesizing the cello (or voice) through the orchestra , so that a "ghost-orchestra" could be accompanying the musicians. There are numerous other techniques being used as well. Some of these was staged at the first mapping in June.

At this point the main force of transformation is on a pure musical level. This means that words and lyrics are not particularily processed. However, we are looking for possibilities to do this, and words of advice are welcomed!

The music will be a result of musicians/programmer participating and editing their choices and selections in the sound studio, producing the final score.

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