Could it be a structure that is:

1. Moveable or able to be moved.
2. Ability to be fluid.
3. Rapidly or easily changeable.

MOBILE HOME is a performance company led by Zoe Christiansen. Mobile Home seeks fluidity of expression and format rather than working within scenic pre-constructions. The company is structured as a flexible group of individual artists who bring their own skills and expressions to the creative process.

MOBILE HOMES is the name given to a series of performances and installations occuring in 2002/03 that investigate the theme of how we deal with loss in western contemporary society.

This series takes two classical works as its point of departure:

1. Gustav Mahler's "Kindertotenlieder" [1900-05], an emotional musical rollercoaster thematically based on the loss of children, and the loss of innocence.

2. Thomas Fearnely's painting "Labrofossen ved Kongsberg" [1837] , a depiction of raw nature. The original painting can be found in Norway's National Gallery, and is an epitimy of the Romantic era where nature was seen as being seperate from culture.

With these two works as a base reference, the group investigates how these works may be treated and transformed through a collaborative, exploratory artitic process using modern day technology combined with traditional artistic practices to tell us something about how we deal with loss today. Rather than leaning towards the romantic dualism of nature versus culture, Mobile Homes takes two key words, NATURE and FUTURE, as reference points for the development of the work.

The result of this work is manifested as a series of performances and installaions which are called "MAPPINGS". They are called Mappings because they are not intended to be thought of as products. Each event reflects a moment in time. It maps a moment in the progress of the group from the point of departure to the point of performance.

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