[mmw architects]

"Of course i like time better than i like space," says Magne Magler Wiggen.

I like to have a lot of space in beautiful rooms, but most of all I like time.

This house is based on the thesis that things steal both our time and our space. It was a device for getting rid of stuff. To choose what to keep I divided all my possessions into two categories: relics and tools. A relic is an object, which reminds you of something you hold dear. A tool is an object you use to produce a piece of work. I ended up with a few small relics, some good tools and a lot of free space. Such a house is in itself a good tool for life.

"The house is based on two standard 20' x 40' steel containers. It can be totally self-sufficient, with solar panels and tanks for drinking- and wastewater. It needs only four simple support points. Its hinged stair, external insulation cloaking and minimal substructure can all be packed away inside the containers for shipment and re-erection anywhere. It brings with it a dream of a different kind of architecture altogether; and it is real and i want one."

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