The room is a large industrial space, approximately 30 x 30 m, with large widows opening onto a harbour which is lit up for the evening. The space has thick white stone walls, and feels somewhat sacral. In the rectangular innermost room there is a staircase leading up to one of the window sections. The stairs are placed such that they are aligned with the entrance. The passage that leads to the innermost room is reminiscent of the aisle of a church.

The entrance to the space is dominated by a large cabinet on the left of the entrance. This will function as a bar later in the evening. On the right hand side there is a platform covered with carpets which will function as a sitting area. Here it is possible to place 2 or 3 monitors which will show parts of the performance. Here, you will be able to hear music, you will get glimpses of the action taking place during the performance, and you will be able to follow the performance on the monitors.

The first room to the left of the entrance is covered in white-painted wooden panels. There is a little hut-like structure as well as a kind of balcony. This is the only room which possesses an intimate quality. At the same time there is a strong sense of theatricality; the balcony, the door, etc.

The room directly above this is totally empty. There is one wall that may function as a projection surface, and it is here that I have initially thought of projecting the FUTURE [Airport] game. A small table will provide a home for the mouse-pad and mouse from which the FUTURE [Aiport] game will be controlled.

The orchestra is situated around the staircase in the most visible position at the centre of the space. The orchestra is comprised of a singer, a cellist, a computer programmer, a film photographer and a video programmer. They are placed together as if in some kind of battle, or competition. In the initial stages an intense feeling of "playing together" is built up between these five people. The play of imagery and the dancers comment upon, interpret and strengthen this feeling.

Two projection surfaces are situated in the space surrounding the orchestra. These two projections reflect NATURE [the puzzle]. In front of the projection surface to the left stands a small table with a mouse-pad and mouse to control the projected Nature Puzzle.