Mammut is a program for Linux, Windows and Mac that do sound processing in the frequency domain. The program makes a fast Fourier transform of sound in its entirety. Various operations can then be done in the frequency domain, such as non-linear stretching of the spectrum and spectrum shift. Mammut is a rather unpredictable program, and the user must get used to letting go of control over the time axis. The sounding results are often surprising and exciting. Mammut is also ideal for common operations such as filtering, spectrum shift and convolution and it provides an optimal performance.

Mammut will FFT your sound in one single gigantic analysis (no windows). These spectral data, where the development in time is incorporated in mysterious ways, may then be transformed by different algorithms prior to resynthesis. An interesting aspect of Mammut is its completely non-intuitive sound transformation approach.

Mammut uses a conventional radix-2 FFT, but the number of points in the analysis are typically several million and not a few thousand which is used in short-FFT.


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    Last updated 4.12.2018